Thinking and dreaming big is what I can help and consult people and organizations. The key of making any extraordinary impact in this world or living a full life is about the mind-set. The mind power determines the depth of our journeys on this planet. The expression of success must be determined not only on the materialistic plane, but also on a metaphysical level that influence and impact on others’ lives around you. Beyond the sheer level of fashion and entertainment PR, a comprehensive knowledge in structuring a profile that integrates philanthropy and causes of goodwill will serve the purpose of creating a ever-lasting legacy. I provide the world class services in

  • Profile rising management
  • Reputation strategy
  • Top level network introduction
  • Destination/National branding
  • Post-material conceptualization
  • Commissioned researches
  • Download
  • Free download of award winning book chapter with Brain Tracy, internationally acclaimed expert on success.
Mr. Zanadu

“I am familiar with Mr. Zanadu’s achievements and contributions, and have similar views and common interest in communication theories, especially on cross-cultural public relations… I believe that Mr. Zanadu is making a significant contribution that sets him apart from his peers.” Jones McCall, Founder of Institute of Adult Communication

“Mr. Zanadu’s contributions are significant not only based on the success of his client work but because as a leader he seeks to share his expertise globally.” Yana Grivkovskaya Russian Socialite, Actress, Writer and Model
Yana Grivkovskaya

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